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We enable mid-sized companies become world-class learning organizations

The training problem in SMBs

Employee Training and Development significantly impacts employee satisfaction, productivity, and the overall financial performance of a company. According to a study by the American Society for Training & Development, companies that invest in professional training see an average of 24% more profit than those that do not. However, unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of employees in small and mid-sized companies receive ongoing professional training.

Organizations require three key capabilities to have a professional training system: a Learning Management System, a training content library, and supporting resources and services. Unfortunately, these capabilities are provided by different platforms and providers, making it complex and expensive to integrate them into one integrated service.

The ProSkills platform provides a complete Training-as-a-Service solution, specialized for mid-sized companies. With ProSkills, you get everything you need on one integrated platform, including a Learning Management System, training content library, and supporting services.

ProSkills is a product and brand from RapidEzy Training Systems, Inc., USA. ProSkills serves companies worldwide from its offices and partners in the USA, Singapore, India, UAE, and the Czech Republic.

Our vision is to enable every mid-sized company to become a top-notch learning organization, regardless of their resources or budget constraints. We believe in empowering your workforce, unlocking their full potential, and driving sustainable growth for your organization.

Our well-experienced professionals have a wealth of knowledge in technology and training, bridging the gap between traditional learning methods and the demands of the digital era. We understand that effective training is not just a checkbox - it's a strategic investment in the future of your employees and your business. We pride ourselves on providing a customer-centric approach.

We don't just offer software, content, or platforms; we build partnerships that help our clients achieve their goals. 

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